Friday, April 23, 2010

Two more pears..

A nice sunny Sunday morning in my kitchen, playing with my new camera...a few weeks ago.

Tea Pots

All in one's interesting to see a sampling of 6 years worth of work sitting on a table...

I was asked to speak at a Ladies Tea this Saturday. Why not talk about teapots at a tea??? Why not talk about girly, super feminine teapots with a group of 60 women? So I gathered my teapots from dusty boxes and mom's kitchen, as well as my own. And I even finished a few new ones! It was an opportunity to look at the past, remember what was going on then, and the stories that go with each tea pot.
Scones, tea sandwiches and tea cookies...oh my, the sugar! Oh my, the great women with stories to tell me! It was a great day to make great connections, talk about making art and the strength of women.
Thank you ladies! Hope to see you all again soon!
Don't forget to click on the Open Studio and Sale page for directions and information about the sale in JUNE!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Open Studio and Sale

Here's a sneak preview of pie plates that will be available at my first Open Studio and Sale, June 12 &13- 8am - 5pm?.

Location? 720 Cadogan Slate Lick Road, Kittanning Pa. If you know how to get to The Villa, I am 1 mile away...stop for lunch or dinner after visiting!

This site will be updated as I unload kilns...and also to show the work of friend and potter, Karen McKee who will be bringing her beautiful dragonfly pottery to show and sell as well.

Check my etsy site as well for a sampling of my work:

Karen's work can be seen at:

Stop back soon and often!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

NCECCA:Potters on Pottery in Philly

Top picture:Lorna Meaden teacup--haven't decided if I completely regret not bringing the teapot home with me....

Bottom Pic:Linda Arbuckle, Amaco Booth, NECECA, Philadelphia 2010 drug of choice. Controlled substance? As much as we all try to "control" the end results of what our pots look like, without a little seredipity added to the mix we are simply humans making things and not magic.

After spending a few days with 1000's potters in Philadelphia, it's a still refreshing to know that we are still chasing seredipity and we're doing it in 4000 different ways.

As mentioned above, pottery is my drug of choice followed by food, so I spent my time in Philly looking at pots, buying pots, looking at food at the Reading Terminal Market, eating the food and taking pictures of all the above! Nothing feeds my soul like looking at the rock stars and up and coming rock stars in the pottery world. I got to watch some of my favorites demonstrate their obsessions (Another potter who spends HOURS decorating? kind of people). I was able to be up close and personal with work that otherwise is only seen in the hallowed pages of Ceramics Monthly.

New to NCECA was a gallery market. Red Lodge Clay Center, 18 Hands Gallery to name a few.
Having access to looking at these incredible pieces is one thing...but being able to take a few gems home with me was like winning my own personal lottery. The question has stood, "how do we value ceramics as an art form?" I can value them in museums, but I personally will value them more when I am integrating them into my daily life. If I want Joe Q. Public to value, appreciate, love and lust after pots like I do, then making them available is a necessity. If I want to educate Josie Q Public, I need those really good pieces to share--drink from this, hold this, turn it over and look at the foot...get to know it. And learn from it. Thank you to whoever suggested this and made it reality.

Thank you to all the potters who keep courting serendipity, and sharing the expereince with the rest of us.