Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Thai Tea Blog

I was invited to watch Farmer Jesse of Frosty Hollow farm in Vandergrift feed his two new goats this morning. Buttercup and Daisy, 2 months old, are new to their digs, but are beginning to be curious about the world outside their pen! Jesse is the son of friends Sheila and Jeff who also farm chickens, rabbits, berries, and not to mention a few snakes.
Here's the official farm office where I purchased my guinea eggs and two other kinds..(hopefully Jesse will respond to this and I can edit in the correct names!) $1.50 for a dozen happy homegrown eggs! I recommend them, after the picture below was taken I ate the two on the left for lunch with Sheila's dill. I didn't even need to make up a dressing, just a little salt and they were gone.

A visit that started as watching the goats bottle feed turned into coffee on the new deck and lots of good conversation with the family and a bounty of dill, not to mention an avocado, a cook book and some summer reading.
From the happy, pastured hens of Frosty Hollow Farms, Vandergrift, Pa. I saw them, they are happy!! So now the morning is but a fond memory, it's off to the studio for me...lots of pots calling my name. I'll grab my Thai tea and go...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Fatass Coffee Blog

Oh, It's finally heeeeerrrrre! The first day of summer vacation. A little time to recuperate and rejuvinate. And instead of just a Saturday Morning Fatass Coffee Blog, I can do it any old day of the week!
So summer brings time to think about what to make in the studio while I walk Izzy all through the game lands this morning...we returned with wet feet and ankles and a few bug bites, but smiling none the less.
Second breakfast was those sweet little strawberries from a farm in Chicora, Friedman's in Saxonburg was selling them on Saturday. My bumper stucker doesn't say "Save a Farm, Eat local!" for nothing. So begins a summer of visiting farm markets and friends I neglected during the school year, making fresh everything pots and food....stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Cherry Vases

I've been playing again...after throwing so many pots on my pottery wheel, I needed a change. Using slabs of clay and some giant paper tubes from work, I created some new forms. Because they were so new to me, I felt I couldn't do the same old glaze pattern. Leaving the clay exposed is somethig I have done in the past with mixed results....scumming from impurites in the body. (Unbelievably frustrating, but Amaco's cinnamon underglaze covers a million sins!) This time around the clay is as red as my face without sunscreen in July. I love the contrast of the white and black with the red clay and the red cherries. Sometimes it's good to get bored...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Studio Sale!

Thank you to everyone who visited yesterday! If you couldn't make it, we are still open today- Sunday. If you are having trouble finding my directions on this page, look to the right -PAGES, underneath- HOME- Open stuido locattion and directions.

The weather was perfectly HOT, but the rain held off. It was so nice to see so many friends again! Many pots left with smiling to their new homes. This experience has me thinking that another sale is in the making for the fall! Stay tuned!

Studio Sale!

Thanks to everyone who came to the sale yseterday!! What a joy to see so many friends! Karen and I hope you all find as much joy in the pots you took home as we got in making them!
We're still open today, come on back or come on in.
A few people said the directions were hard to find on this page...look to the right where it says HOME with PAges underneath.