Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's a Shiny New Room!!

Straight up, I'm going to brag, so bear with me. I've got a brand new room this year!!!! The Fine Art Program at Deer Lakes consists of 2 D and 3 D programs. Mark Weleski and I have been teaching together for the past 14 years, making the best of the two rooms and equipment we inherited when we were hired.( for him, much longer than 14 yrs ; )) Our department now consists of a 2D classroom (not pictured- Mark is still unpacking.) a 3D working classroom, a dedicated wheel room, and a kiln room/ connecting storage room!

These changes are the result of whole building interior remodel which has lasted 2 very painful years. I would post images of the Home Ec sewing room, library and chemistry labs in which we worked during this process, but like childbirth, I'd rather forget.
There are so many wheels, I couldn't fit them all in the picture!!! 16 in all. I'm not sure why we need spotlights in this room, but I'm installing a disco ball for Rave Fridays.
Working classroom. Check out the electric drops from the ceiling. Our new Brent slabroller got cut out of the picture, but we'll be breaking it in next week.

Ahhhhhhhh, two programmable kilns. No more transporting pottery to my home kiln or the Middle School!
Standing in the middle of my rooms today, I considered myself one lucky potter. I've always loved teaching my students. This year, my students will see how much this program is valued by the district and the community.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work in Progress

I've been doing "Yard work" all week. It's been so hot, I can make pots in the morning and have them trimmed by evening. Keeps me on my toes.

There are soup mugs and bowls, bowls and more bowls, firing away. It shut off an hour ago, so off to the glazes I go...

I fired these earlier this week, testing some new things and tocking up on yellow cherry ware. Th tests I do today will help me decide how the pieces for the Saxonburg Ceramic Invitational will look. I can't just put in the "same old same old." Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ceramic Invitational Exhibit

Jake Johnson, Oil Server Set
Amanda Wolf, Butter Dish

It seems I haven't been doing anything but staring at goats all summer, but no... I have been working and traveling. I've also arranged a Ceramic Exhibit titled, "Setting the Table: Contemporary Ceramics Dines In." The Saxonburg Area Artist Co-op is hosting the show and we are excited!!!!

We invited potters from Western Pennsylvania to exhibit tableware- dinner plates, soup bowls, serving dishes, pitchers, teapots, drinking vessels, vases, centerpieces....I think someone is even making maritini glasses!

Join us for a Wine and Cheese Recpetion, Saturday September 4, 6-9 pm. Meet some of these wonderful potters and see what the Potters of Western Pa have been doing all summer.