Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cottage Pottery Sale

Look for this sweet cottage the weekend of November 6 & 7, 10-5pm.
614 Stanton Ave. Mars PA
Karen and I will be serving up pottery, pear and apple gallette, mulled cider and more.
(No, I won't tell you what a gallette is. You really need to experience this beautiful and delicious European treat personally.) If you show up early, you can join us for mimosas in freshly made ceramic tumblers!
Pie plates, pasta bowls, coffee mugs, dinnerware, spoon rest, butter dishes, casseroles, platters, bowls, bowls and bowls an more!
Cash, check and Visa accepted.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cottage Pottery Sale

Cottage Pottery Sale!
Saturday and Sunday
November 6 & 7
614 Stanton Ave, Mars Pa
Come join us for shopping, yummy refreshments, and good conversation at the lovely cottage home of Christine & Dennis Mooney in Mars,Pa.
Pie plates, pasta bowls, salad bowls, serving platters, coffee mugs, tea cups, tea pots, butter dishes, spoon jars, spoon rests, oil servers, casseroles and more...
All wares are food safe, microwaveable, oven safe, and dishwasher safe.
Cash and personal checks accepted

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some things just take time....

Yes, I did start this tea pot in June....with no intentions of hurrying the glazing process... and now...it is done. The tea pot on the left is still waiting for inspiration...it's got one layer of glaze in the texture, but the final color is still eluding me... maybe just a light clear to make the terra cotta deeper?? I don't know how many other potters feel this way, but sometimes, I really like my pots at leather hard, no glaze, just raw clay, raw form.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She Works Hard for the Money....

Oval Serving Platter, Posey Bacopoulos, majolica www.poseybacopoulos.com

After some thought about the last post focusing on the new male pottery in my house, I decided to showcase the female pieces working in my kitchen as well. Above is a piece by one of my favorite potters working in majolica, Posey Bacopoulos. Those golden onions were purchased Saturday at the Farmers Market in town. The color is perfect against the indigo glaze! Fresh little onions on a crisply glazed piece?? Perfection in a plate?? Possibly?
I was asked by the great journalist Rex Rutkoski, "Does it take something away from the piece if it is never used?" Intention is only for the artist, not the customer, never ask what someone wants to do with a piece behind closed doors. But in my kitchen, using the piece for which it is intended in thoughtful ways only adds to the integrity of the artist's process, intention and design.

Stop back for more...I've got a pot of potato soup on the stove and I've got to find the perfect bowl to serve it up!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Reinventing the Wheel

Potters may not have invented the proverbial wheel, but when given one, we can make great pottery. Early this morning I had breakfast with the two new men in my life- my new coffee mug and lidded coffee pot with milita. I reference them as men simply because male potters made them. But it made me realise while I was writing this blog in my head, that 96% of the pieces in this kitchen were made by women. So it leads to the wandering questions about femininity and masculinity, style, intention, and stereotype. I'll ponder this on my drive to work while I'm drinking some well presented brew.

Lovely Flatulent Dodo Mug by Kyle Houser and Lidded Coffee pot & Milita by Josh Floyd. Purchased at the Saxonburg Area Artist Co-op.

User rating on the wares: Excellent: The pot brewed a nice strong eye opening french roast, while the Dodo served it with a smooth ride from start to finish.