Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's that time! Open Studio Sale! This year, Karen is opening (and cleaning) her studio. She's got a great home studio, full of pots, equipment, her two dogs, Sadie and Luna. Join us for pottery, conversation and baked goodies Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 pm. Click here for directions.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another new mug...Who's Chris Drobnock anyway??

This is what happens when you get a few potters together...we bring each others pots home. After the Pots in the Park this past weekend I came home with a few goodies, this being my favorite...wood/salt fired mug by
Chris Drobnock of Mount Union Pa. His booth set up was of funky old barn boards, great vintage cabinet doors and, of course some even better wood fired pieces. I wish I had taken the camera, the shots would have been much more descriptive. But back to the mug...I am a sucker for a good foot on a mug..not to mention a single finger action handle. This mug hasn't left my side since Saturday upon my return. The form handles hot and cold beverages quite well! When this pic was shot, it still had a little bit of the morning's brew left.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Shiny pots for Pots in the Park in Oil City, May 20 & 21!! See you there!

Monday, May 9, 2011

As promised...

Finally, some finished pieces. A little at at time...

This was my studio set up today...it was just too sunny to stay inside. Izzy lounged in the grass while the bees buzzed around all afternoon.

A few shots of pots in varying stages of glazing. In a recent conversation about making pots, Joe Sendek mentioned that potters probably touch each piece 22 times before completion. Up to this point, these pots have been lovingly handled at least 20 times- first when I took them from the wheel, flipped them over to dry, to the wheel for thrimming,then another for handles, to the shelf for drying, to the other shelf for drying...to the kiln, from the kiln to the shelf, to the table, first layer of base glaze, second layer of glaze, set aside to dry, pick up again to draw designs, pick up for each color applied- red, red again, dark green, light green, black, white, then the final layer of amber cover glaze...and they still need to be moved inside the studio before they are fired.

I'm exhausted just typing this, but smiling because this batch is SO CLOSE to being finished!!!