Tuesday, November 27, 2012

709 Gallery on Penn

Come join us at
The Gallery at 709 Penn Ave.
Friday Novermber 30, 6-8pm

The Craftsman's Guild of Pittsburgh 
is opening the
November 30 - January 5

Beautiful handcrafted items by Pittsburgh area artisans, perfect for this season's gift giving!
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clay Nicho Class!!

Clay Nicho Class
September 29, 9-4pm
Armstrong County League of Arts
Kittanning PA 16201

A nicho is an object of Latin American folk art used to place significant importance upon a person, object or belief. A twist on the vintage Mexican Nicho found in antique shops, we will create a “nicho-esque” shrine (approximately 6”) using red earthenware clay.
Participants will learn traditional slab/hand building techniques. We will create small symbols of personal importance to place inside the nicho. Our creations will be complete with the addition of colored under glazes using various painting techniques . Participants are encouraged to bring sketchbook designs, images, and tools, but these are not necessary. All tools will be provided. (Because of time limitations, nichos will not be fired. Options for firing and completing nichos will be discussed in class.
Registration $25
Materials fee $10
For a registration form please contact me at culp.christy@yahoo.com

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Fair in the Park! Sept. 7,8,9

Here's a sneak peak of some of my favorite pieces going to A Fair in the Park http://www.afairinthepark.org/?page_id=132 in Pittsburgh September 7, 8, 9. You can find the 2 Pears Pottery in booth #65 in the lower section of the park.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prepping for A Fair in the Park

September 7,8,9- Mellon Park, Pittsburgh PA.
Hope to see you there!
One of the BEST shows in Pittsburgh...actually, I think it IS the best...in the park, on the grass, under the trees and bring your dog?? Not to mention artisans from The Craftsman's Guild of Pittsburgh! Mark your calendars and join me. Friday 1-7, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-5. Admission is free.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden Fresh

I was in the mood for something cute... this little basket is perfect for cherry picking my tomatoes as they slowly come on. I think next week I'll need a bigger basket....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Excitement only a potter could love.

I am a winner!! No, really! I am. Marcia Tani Paul writer of the great pottery blog: Maashaclay http://maashaclay.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/a-quick-summer-soup-and-a-winner/ has a pottery giveaway every so often, and you know...if you want to win, you have to play!! So as her rules state, "to enter you must leave a comment. " Comment I did. This month she gave away this lovely vase (currently full of locally grown sunflowers from the Farmers Market in Kittanning.) made by Jan Bilek. What a sweet addition to my collection! Thanks again, Marcia!!

Round 2 excitement: An "old" kiln I inherited (read "free") is now happily firing away on it's new slab home! Size doesn't translate well in the picture, but it's big!! Actually, my old kiln could fit inside with room to move. Ceramic Supply of Pittsburgh is setting me up with a controller for hassel free firing. I'll be unloading the inaugural firing this evening and reloading. Can't wait to hit the glaze bottles and brushes!

Work from this latest batch of will be available at the SAAC http://saxonburgarts.blogspot.com/ gallery July 20. If you're looking or an art event to attend, join the artists of the co-op for an opening recpetion for the Sisters Show, Saturday July 21, 630-830. Come join us for food, live music by Dale Cinski and locally made wine by Gary Matson of Rustic Acres Winery!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Done complainin' for now....

Here's just a few of what's come out of the studio this week. There's a load bisque firing and a few shelves full waiting. It feels so good to be working at this pace again! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Here's some of the vases I made back in May. They are on their way to the SAAC Gallery tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally Summer!!!

New Work this week....can't wait to get them fired and glazed. Then make more!
Ahhhhhhhh! After a trip south to visit family, I've finally gotten back in the studio. New things are happening and while I'd like to say they are oh-so-spontaneous, they simply are not.
Wanting to take care of mind, body and spirit I made a quick stop at Touchstone Center for Crafts http://www.touchstonecrafts.org/ to see artist Jennier Allen in May. Working in porcelain, she makes delicate, feminine, and intricately glazed pieces. It was refreshing to watch her work, as she is obsessed with little things- like edges, tiny handles, ruffles. I was right at home with ther class. (While not able to take the whole class due to those students who expect me to show up everyday and make art with them, Touchstone and Jennifer were accomodating and I was able to join the class for the day.) It is clear she works with intention and integrity of design. Combining hand building with wheel thrown forms gives her so much versatility to what she can create in her work. While driving home, I gave thought to my production output in the last year. Cranking out functional work (bowls, bowls, bowls, mugs, platters, bakers...bowls)has been the status quo. While this isn't a bad thing and it was has been working for me...it has left me physically compromised and bored. The pots pictured above are the result of this realisation. I enjoyed the challenge of making all the parts work physically and visually. While playing around with these forms, my brain was already projecting into the glazes and where patterns would go, what would be left terra cotta, what would get color.
This is a great day in the studio for me and makes me want to make more. Physically, this kind of work helps my irritated joints by providing a break from throwing. Talking with Jennier, she was very open about how the physical stresses of making ceramic pieces have affected her work and how she she now approaches her studio practice. Actually, everyone in the class talked about the physical demands of what we do and how we deal with it all. I never thought I'd be that person who goes on about health issues, "Oh my (insert complaint here)!" But in a search to find a better way to work and heal I'll put this out here for now...and hopefully the changes I've implemented will continue to keep my happily in the studio!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting there....

As Anne LaMott guides in her book on writing and life, sometimes you have to do it "bird by bird" or piece by piece. And that's how it will go for now, a few pieces here a few pieces there...

More of my favorite jars...
Some little posey vases inspired by Jennifer Allen's workshop at Touchstone Center for Crafts a few weeks ago.
School's almost done. I can't wait to have more time to work and relax and have coffee in my pj's in the studio again!!!
(Can anyone tell me why this blog won't let me put more than one hyper link in?????)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, it's about time...

 So yes, it has been entirely too long since my last post. Embarassingly so. My apologies. I've finally gotten a small group of pots finished and it feels so good to be working again!

Without boring you too much- serious tendonitis, physical therapy, rest, physical therapy, rest (you can read that as "make no work until told.") and still more physical therapy. Throw in an emotional breakdown or two, and whadyaknow, it's the middle of April!

I'd like to say I'll be going at it gang busters again, but instead I'll be taking a kinder gentler approach to making this season. Small sets work for me now, mentally and physically. I'm not sure how that will fit into doing fall shows, but it seems life is providing an "opportunity for growth" that needs to be heeded.

Some of these pieces have been posted to etsy, the remaining pieces will find their way to Saxonburg.