Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surface Design...Touchstone Center for Crafts May 25-27

These fruit and floral pieces are from a series using white slip over red earthenware, under glaze and sgrafitto techniques. This is one of the techniques covered in the Low Fire Surface Design class at Touchstone Center for Crafts in May. Students will have the opportunity to work with low fire commercial majolica glazes and under glazes on wet clay as well as bisque.  

Texturing surfaces and layering under glazes.
If you have questions about this class, please contact me here!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Want to take a class??? With me?

Low Fire Surface Design
Touchstone Center for Crafts
Farmington, PA
April 25–27
Low Fire Surface Design
All Levels | $200
Weekend Workshop
Learn how to add more dimension to your clay pieces through surface decoration
 in a technique packed weekend. Mishima, sgraffito, stenciling, and glaze trailing
 techniques will be introduced. Students will have the opportunity to discover the
unlimited possibilities of adding imagery, pattern, and lines to wet clay surfaces
using underglazes and slip. Glaze trailing and layering on bisque-fired pieces will
also be presented. You may bring low to mid-range pieces that have been bisque
fired to cone 06. You are asked to bring a sketch book, images, and symbols personal
 to your work along with a sense of adventure and experimentation.