Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Studio, New Location...Same Cherry Pottery!!!

       Sooooooooooooo...if you haven't  heard, 2 Pears Pottery has a new location with new walls and shelves! This new studio is still in the works, but oh so functional! After 9 months (hmmm what an interesting time frame.) of the studio being temporarily closed, boxed up, and stored while the new space was being transformed...I feel like a potter again! This new space is heaven and like all studio spaces I've inhabited it is sanctuary. The shelves are beginning to fill with work for an upcoming show, "Antiques & Artisans" June 22 & 23, as well as new work for the Saxonburg Area Artists Coop, The Artists Hand Gallery and a fall Home Sale. My new location is in Butler in the middle of the berry farm my husband and I have started( well mostly him, I just pick, bake pies and eat.) . Stay tuned for more fabulous things in the works!