Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art begets art

Being visual, I am constantly affected by what is in my immediate space. Recently, I noticed a pattern in the hand made items coming into my life and the pieces I was making. This isn't the first time it's occured, but it is the first time I've put all the pieces together...

The first to arrive in my life was the hand knit scarf by fabric artist Marti Larkin- I HAD to have those little "olives" on this scarf!! The second was the necklace of lampworked beads by Marilyn Martin of Into the Woods Designs. ( Thank you, Pete.) All these new colors are a welcome change from the WHITE WHITE WHITE of February. While I was glazing yesterday, a group of chef's bowls screamed for the same colors and the decision to add the little dots came with out even thinking. It goes without saying artists have been profoundly affected by nature, love and life. I guess, paying attention is the key to connecting our souls to what is around us, or maybe it's more about being open and free and letting the world in.

So now I'm left wondering what will I cook up next?

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  1. welcome to the lonely but strangely satisfying world of the blog...and I was in need of a hit of color in my life...thanks...I added you on my blog roll!