Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Fix

I work by day, I work by night. There is no time in between to do maintenance, maybe laundry when absolutely necessary. My kiln lid is cracked- it's at least 25 years old, it's honorable! But to add insult to injury, the band holding my lid in one piece has snapped it's connections. ( And haven't we all at one point in our lives?) Do I have time to find someone to weld this back together? Not in this lifetime...I need to FIRE THE KILN!!!

So off I run to the Tech Ed department to ask for the biggest C clamp they've got. Jeff, my saviour had a 5 pound C-clamp. When unscrewed the entire way, it fits over my hinges and PRESTO! instant fix!

Does it not remind you of Steve Martin with the arrow through is head?
When I look at this, I feel like I am in a cartoon. Some days I am.
Fire on little kiln, fire on...

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