Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrate teaching...

Daisy Cup and Saucer, Emily Milbert, senior.
At this point in the year, thoughts wander to the elusive last day of school, I admit. But what balances thoughts of drinking coffee in my studio at 7am as opposed to my classroom, is student art shows!

Deer Lakes School District is a member of the Alle- Kiski Arts Consortium which sponsor the ArtsAlive! student exhibit at the Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery. Six local high schools participate, which means there will be over 400 pieces of the Valley's best art. Students and families will pack into the gallery this evening from 6-8 pm.

My students will glow seeing their work presented in a professional gallery. Nothing gives the fledgling self confidence a boost more than hearing the comments of peers and strangers exclaiming the quality of the student work!

In a time period where test scores are valued over creativity and expression, the feeling I get every year from this show is that the human soul has an endless capability to express itself, and I am very lucky to be present for it every single day.

Check out the link below for a great article and student interviews...

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