Saturday, April 3, 2010

NCECCA:Potters on Pottery in Philly

Top picture:Lorna Meaden teacup--haven't decided if I completely regret not bringing the teapot home with me....

Bottom Pic:Linda Arbuckle, Amaco Booth, NECECA, Philadelphia 2010 drug of choice. Controlled substance? As much as we all try to "control" the end results of what our pots look like, without a little seredipity added to the mix we are simply humans making things and not magic.

After spending a few days with 1000's potters in Philadelphia, it's a still refreshing to know that we are still chasing seredipity and we're doing it in 4000 different ways.

As mentioned above, pottery is my drug of choice followed by food, so I spent my time in Philly looking at pots, buying pots, looking at food at the Reading Terminal Market, eating the food and taking pictures of all the above! Nothing feeds my soul like looking at the rock stars and up and coming rock stars in the pottery world. I got to watch some of my favorites demonstrate their obsessions (Another potter who spends HOURS decorating? kind of people). I was able to be up close and personal with work that otherwise is only seen in the hallowed pages of Ceramics Monthly.

New to NCECA was a gallery market. Red Lodge Clay Center, 18 Hands Gallery to name a few.
Having access to looking at these incredible pieces is one thing...but being able to take a few gems home with me was like winning my own personal lottery. The question has stood, "how do we value ceramics as an art form?" I can value them in museums, but I personally will value them more when I am integrating them into my daily life. If I want Joe Q. Public to value, appreciate, love and lust after pots like I do, then making them available is a necessity. If I want to educate Josie Q Public, I need those really good pieces to share--drink from this, hold this, turn it over and look at the foot...get to know it. And learn from it. Thank you to whoever suggested this and made it reality.

Thank you to all the potters who keep courting serendipity, and sharing the expereince with the rest of us.


  1. NCECA was pretty fun this year...cant believe I did'nt run into you, it seemed like I saw so many people I have not seen in a long time ...were you duckin' me!?

    Talked to the artstream "Cup Library" folks...I dunno...I will have to update you on that one.

    NCECA was definitely something for everyone this year...diverse in so many ways these days!

  2. Love your pear plate below, beautiful.

  3. Yeah Kyle, Was it that obvious? I thought you weren't there! I kept running into Kevin and Dan...didja get to the market? I have more pics of food than pots! sheesh, maybe I need a foodie convention?