Monday, May 10, 2010

New Shelves, New Pots

The Studio is showing signs of spring! New shelves, new pots springing up! I unloaded the kiln this afternoon, cherries, cherries and oops! some pears! So far the list goes like this...plates, plates, pretty mugs, salad bowls, chip & dips, small platters, big platters, spoon jars...some covered dishes are on the way. Nothing makes me want to head right back into the studio like a stack of finished pots.

Studio clean up report:
1.The floor is beginning to turn brick red ( And the windowsill is sporting red Kittie footprints.)
2. Two new wall mounted plate displays built by the amazing Pete will get their first coat of white paint tonight.
3. Various piles of stuff I have collected over the years are beginning to disappear...making the studio look like a studio and not a giant storage room.

Stop back again...more pots on the way.

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