Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Fatass Coffee Blog

This one's for you Kyle.

Ever inspired by other potter blogs, Homefry Sketchbook posted a lovely tribute to some of his new favorite coffee mugs. Never one to leave a good idea goes....

Not many a potter has a house full of store bought mugs, bowls, plates, anything food or flower can put on or in. This morning I pulled out three of my favorites, filled them all with cream, sugar and coffee and here you have them. Tara Wilson, Kristen Pavelka, Victoria Christen. Coffee always tastes better in hand made mugs. My kitchen is a happier place as well. Come on over, you can ask it.
Yes, that is my BREAKFAST. Avacodo, cilantro, salsa and tortilla. YUMMY. I would say lime, but my two furry children kidnapped the lime from the table yesterday...who knows where ( or when) it will show up.
One cup down, two to go...look out studio, here I come!


  1. I am clinking my Ayumi coffee cup against my laptop! cheers to you and your mugs!