Friday, May 28, 2010

Sneak Preview- Open Studio & Sale June 12 &13

The pots are coming, the pots are coming!Another load from the Little Kiln that Could.

Karen and I are sending post cards out this week, keep an eye out for them and get them front and center on your refridgerator. We're looking forward to a weekend of fun- lots of pretty pots, good friends, some demos and, of course, that magical kiln opening Saturday morning.
I am looking forward to this very first Open Studio & Sale! My hope is that it will be a yearly event, possible one in the fall. It is so exciting to see the studio fill with pots!
Hope to see you all!


  1. am I getting a postcard?!...I hope so, unfortunately, I will be on vacation(fla) during your open studio but Nancy and I have been talking about making a visit sometime...anyways, I want a mug and a batter bowl!

  2. Your card is sitting on the pile to be mailed this weekend!!! You guys can come down ANY TIME YOU WANT!! Just give me an hours warning- please. You gonna drink outta my girly mug??
    battabowl battabowl!