Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Fatass Coffee Blog

Oh, It's finally heeeeerrrrre! The first day of summer vacation. A little time to recuperate and rejuvinate. And instead of just a Saturday Morning Fatass Coffee Blog, I can do it any old day of the week!
So summer brings time to think about what to make in the studio while I walk Izzy all through the game lands this morning...we returned with wet feet and ankles and a few bug bites, but smiling none the less.
Second breakfast was those sweet little strawberries from a farm in Chicora, Friedman's in Saxonburg was selling them on Saturday. My bumper stucker doesn't say "Save a Farm, Eat local!" for nothing. So begins a summer of visiting farm markets and friends I neglected during the school year, making fresh everything pots and food....stay tuned!

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