Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ceramic Invitational Exhibit

Jake Johnson, Oil Server Set
Amanda Wolf, Butter Dish

It seems I haven't been doing anything but staring at goats all summer, but no... I have been working and traveling. I've also arranged a Ceramic Exhibit titled, "Setting the Table: Contemporary Ceramics Dines In." The Saxonburg Area Artist Co-op is hosting the show and we are excited!!!!

We invited potters from Western Pennsylvania to exhibit tableware- dinner plates, soup bowls, serving dishes, pitchers, teapots, drinking vessels, vases, centerpieces....I think someone is even making maritini glasses!

Join us for a Wine and Cheese Recpetion, Saturday September 4, 6-9 pm. Meet some of these wonderful potters and see what the Potters of Western Pa have been doing all summer.


  1. Christy, I like your work and also the good job putting it up on the web. Does the butter dish really hold 3 lbs. of butter or only 3 lbs. of "Amish" butter? Does Amish butter weigh more for the same volume? Just curious. Also does your work attract fruit flies? Maybe the next step in glazing is to develop odors that co-relate with the work. Maybe Standard will start selling additives called names like "Cherries Jubilee" or "Ode du Pear". Sorry, it's 5:00 AM and I have been up for a while. I need to get a life. Keep up the good work!