Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She Works Hard for the Money....

Oval Serving Platter, Posey Bacopoulos, majolica www.poseybacopoulos.com

After some thought about the last post focusing on the new male pottery in my house, I decided to showcase the female pieces working in my kitchen as well. Above is a piece by one of my favorite potters working in majolica, Posey Bacopoulos. Those golden onions were purchased Saturday at the Farmers Market in town. The color is perfect against the indigo glaze! Fresh little onions on a crisply glazed piece?? Perfection in a plate?? Possibly?
I was asked by the great journalist Rex Rutkoski, "Does it take something away from the piece if it is never used?" Intention is only for the artist, not the customer, never ask what someone wants to do with a piece behind closed doors. But in my kitchen, using the piece for which it is intended in thoughtful ways only adds to the integrity of the artist's process, intention and design.

Stop back for more...I've got a pot of potato soup on the stove and I've got to find the perfect bowl to serve it up!

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