Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Produce" Section

Pears, anyone? This is the beginning of 6 sculptural pears I'm working on for two shows in February. I threw the bodies two days ago, and have been carefully waiting for them to "ripen" enough to manipulate the forms.

My idea is to texture the surface with some of those crazy plastic doillies from the 70's (of which very few exist due to their low melting point in SUNLIGHT. Lucky for me, a co-worker cleaned out 30 years worth of stuff and I pounced.)

Once these get a a little firmer, I'll begin layering under glazes into the surfaces before the stems and leaves are attached. Then begins the first of many firings adding more layers of transparent glazes, trails and drips. I needed to go to the actual produce section this morning to purchase some visual aids (i.e. lunch tomorrow). I wasn't thinking when I began this process and forgot I needed some cushy surfaces. Those pillows are clean only because they were just purchased this morning. My son wouldn't volunteer his pilllows for the cause.

Tools of the morning. Mug by Kristin Pavelka ( Love, love, love her stuff. Sooooo girly. Picked it up when she was a resident at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena MT. (

No comment from the Izzy gallery today. We're heading out for a walk in the game lands next while we wait for the pears to set up.

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