Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday full of pears...

Call me lazy, call me too busy..whichever...I was in too much of a hurry to take a better pic of the pears before they headed off to the "Inspired" show at Indiana University of Pa (IUP) for the month of February. This show is for high school art teachers and one student. A tough decision for any teacher to make. Alyssa Trocki, a senior who had a piece in the K-12 juried show at NCECA Philadelphia last year will be exhibiting with me. I'll post her ruffled platter tomorrow- the image is on the school computer! Kyle Houser (you know, Homefry Sketchbook) is curating the show, so I met up with him at Stoke Hole Pottery ( Birch and Debra Frew)for a drop off this afternoon. He's been working on mugs, mugs, tankards and mugs. Check out his blog for an update!

These pears are covered with two layers of Amaco under glazes and three applications of some top secret opaque series Amaco glazes.

After the drop off with Kyle, I headed into Martin's in Indiana for a produce raid. Look at these beautiful babies!! Who couldn't be inspired by these??

I'm hoping to get a similar color combination for the next batch of pears. I've got the greens and the reds, now to get them together for that intense combination. We'll see...until then, they're lunch for the week.

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  1. Your Pears are going to look great in the gallery!
    Those other real pears would look good too...gorgeous!

    Thanks for dropping off the work...