Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Studio Tour

No one does studio tours in February do they? Especially here in Western PA, today, when my driveway is 8 inches deep in snow. Not a problem for us Subaru drivers, but a serious problem for those without 4 wheel drive as the driveway angles downward. With so much snow, I was again afforded a snow day. It left me with some time to tidy up. The studio is currently in a slow sort of lull; finshing some things, beginning some sculptural pieces. Here's your tour...a little of this, a little of that.
Honey pots, butter and cheese dishes waiting for the final details and firing.
A mostly clean studio. I was talking with Kyle Houser (Homefry sketchbook) yesterday admitting to him that my floor cleaning skills were less than admirable. Anyone out there shaking their heads? This week, in an effort to stay ahead of the trimmings and dust I have been "cleaning as I go" with a shiny new sponge...well, it's not shiny anymore.
My hand me down slab roller- still rolling after all these years.
An ecclectic mix of obejcts that pile up in the kilnroom. No, this kiln is not currently hooked up, but it makes a great storage surface. (Anyone wishing to donate to the cause, please contact me personally.)
The beautful sunny view from the studio today. And yes, that orange object at the bottom of the window is my new kayak....when's the snow going to melt???


  1. Cool to see some images of your studio space. I love the jar in the first photo (to the left of the trailer).
    I cleaned my floor the other day and about an hour later spilled a half bucket of slip all over it! Didn't last long!
    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks Ron! Funny, I obsess over the cherries, but the leaves allow me to exhale. Usually they are finished in plum and dark yellow majolica. Always looking for a something newer.

  3. love seeing the studio, nice and bright with an outside view...Im jealous...one day... one day a studio that I can roll out of bed and go to work at...instead of driving to.

  4. Stumbling into the studio in my pj's with my dodo mug full of coffee is sooooo satisfying.