Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A friend from my college days at IUP asked me to make a honey pot. I've never made one, not sure why?? I am a huge fan of honey, so I guess this is long overdue. These will be decorated with white glaze and cherries then covered with my heavy luscious amber glaze. Dots and stripes will find their places as I go.

Now that these are finished, I wish I had made more in the series. Time is limited with me, and from experience I have learned it takes much less time to throw all the parts than to put them all together. Three tends to be a number that works well in production with pieces that require assembly. My process takes more time than I care to admit. I admit, I fuss. And fuss.

Challenging myself to a new form was refreshing, so much so, I worked later into the evening than usual last night and took advantage of a 2 hour delay this morning. I hear the weather is supposed to be frigid again tomorrow, maybe I'll have a chance to finish the two lidded jars that accompany these three "sweeties".

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