Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soup Sales...people doing the great things they do....

Potter, Josh Floyd, Emmanuelle Wambach , Nancy Smeltzer and Harmony Ritchie, organizers of IUP's sale.

Many of you have heard of the"Empty Bowls" Soup Sale events across the nation. Hopefully you've had a chance to participate in this wonderful event that brings together potters, cooks and hungry patrons of the arts for the benefit of the less fortunate in our communities. Did you know that by simply purchasing a hand made bowl and homemade soup, you qualify as a patron of the arts? You thought only millionaires were patrons?? Support the arts, purchase from local artists. Be a responsible citizen, purchase that bowl at a local soup sale and all the profits go to the food bank. It's a win win win.
IUP hosted a sale yesterday, the community responded with many, many, many bowls donated by local potters. The best chefs in Indiana County brought their soup making talents to the table and the public lined up. In turn, they raised over $3000! Nice job, everyone!
Potter Josh Floyd and Debra Frew

Arts Patron LouAnn Hoviland and potter Kyle Houser

Potter, Irene Tabish serving up the soup.

Arts Patron Evelyn Smeltzer- mother of potter and chef Nancy Smeltzer. That's MY bowl going home with her!

If you missed this great event, no worries...Deer Lakes High School will be hosting it's 7th annual soup sale May 18th. Hope to see you there!

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