Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PENLAND! Here I come!!!

Ok, so another school year has closed as well as another studio sale. I'll call the year a success so far and say this.... I need to recharge!! Back in January, with all the snow days and time to think, a summer plan was being hatched... find a place to challenge and kick myself out of a very comfortable place. In the fall, a painter friend accused me of "holding out". He was right, so here the time comes to dig back into sculpture. I wrote in a previous post about goddesses to which Homefry Sketchbook Kyle called me the corn goddess. It stuck like glue...so who knows where that inner sculptress will take me. Steve Dixon, sculptor and social commentator will be teaching a figurative ceramics class at Penland in North Carolina near Ashville. On the Instructor notes sheet the following was posed,"It would be useful if the students could give some thought to the kind of narrative they might wish to explore - personal, historical and political." How in the world do I separate those? One and the same, in my opinion. Ideas about the role of women historically, traditionally and in today's world combine with where social conscience, at least mine, leans today towards a healthier, more eco friendly world roll in my head. Questions about sustainability in agriculture lead to questions about the sustainability of the human race. My NPR driven brain wonders where we are going based upon where we've been so far.

I've got my sketchbooks full of ideas. See you when I get back!

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