Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look at those jugs!!

No, really. Look at those jugs. Moving away from the crass way society has referred to female body parts, I am lamenting the loss of the traditional jug form in the contemporary kitchen. While the world of ceramics, mostly wood and salt fired pottery, still loves the jug, somewhere it disappeared in household use. Do we need Walmarts full of jugs for daily use? Definitely not. Do we need well crafted and designed containers for various liquids? Yes, and there are many out there.
Today, most of us carry our own personal hydration containers, whether they be the "your favorite water brand" plastic bottle or the BPA free reusaeble container. Not being critical of these containers, the question still stands: when did the jug get lost? Was it the stigma of hillbilly hooch? (Insert banjo here please.) Was it Hee-Haw's Moonshiners? ( I know, I know, there's a great picture of me looking like Minnie Pearl On Facebook!)
So why not consider a jug for your hydration needs? Or even consider replacing your favorite wine decanter with a nice jug! Red, white, rose, all will pour so nicely at your picnic...The handle fits comfortably around the finger of your choice, the cork is easily removed and reinserted, and it holds any liquid of your choice. You'll be the first kid in the neighborhood to start an uber-cool trend. Just make sure you've got your straw hat and plaid shirt on when you leave the house.

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