Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where ya been anyway?

Quite some time has passed since I've written anything other than a "Come out and see me" post. The start of the school year hit and although it has been a new, challenging and great start, it has left me with little time for posting. As I posted awhile back, I am 90% of the art department. The nuts of bolts of this is that I now teach the 2 D program as well as the 3D. The most amusing part of this new position is the comment from students, "You mean you know how to draw and paint too?" This of course opens the door for so many new conversations about having skills and talents in many areas, but truly loving one a teeny bit more! If anything, my students are learning that we humans are much more than we appear to be. I, too, am remembering what pencil on good drawing paper feels like and how smooth watercolor can be.I guess we really are more than we think we are. 

Finally a weekend at home in the studio and the kitchen! Cold weather hit and all I want to do is cook soup and bake. Thursday night brought a pot of wedding soup with rosemary from the garden. Appearing today, everyone's favorite Fat Ass Red Raspberry Cornbread. These awesome berries were picked at Pete's berry patch last night...4 quarts!! He's been picking all week. Schramm's Farm Market sells what he and I don't eat or shove into a cornbread or salad. The lovely little dish you see under that luscious cornbread and lemon thyme is from Penland, North Carolina by Shawn Ireland.

The fall weather brings with it upcoming shows and the long "to do" list. After doing Fair in the Park in September, I was happily reminded that people really do want to interact with pottery. They want pieces they can use over and over. So my list includes several different sizes of oval bakers- some large enough to accomodate a baked chicken, a medium size for cherry cobblers and a smaller one for cheesy artichoke dip. And of course the brie bakers....a half dozen are waiting for the final glaze coating as I type.
If you are in the need for one of these... try the following locations:
1. Saxonburg Area Artists Coop, 215 Main St. Saxonburg PA  Tuesdays 1-9,Fridays 1-9, Saturday 10-8
2. Cottage Pottery Sale, 614 Stanton Ave, Mars Pa November 6&7 10-5
3. Holiday Stop n Shop, November 19, 10-5 Penn Glade Lions Club 150 Church Rd. Butler PA

Now, how about that cornbread??

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