Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Studio Sale! Hope to see you HERE!

                                                          Summer Studio Pottery Sale
                                                                    June 25 & 26
                                                                       10 - 4pm. 

                         It's summer!! To potters, this means time to get the pots into the sunshine 
                         and on their way to your home! For those of you who are loyal collectors of
                        Cherry Ware, you'll find new favorites. There are new patterns to see- the Lemonade                    
                        Collection, as well as the new Garden Series. Don't forget the custom "You Said It!"   
                        Cups and mugs. So many great things to see!  
                For those of you new to the pottery world, please come see what a working pottery 
                studio is like. I'll be available to answer questions like "How long does it take to make a
                 A cup?" Or "How do you put the cherries on?"  It may even be possible to see a
                 Demonstration of the pottery wheel in action.

                   2 Pears Pottery is located at 286 Criswell Road, Butler, PA 16002. Look for the sign!

                          Follow me on Instagram @christylculp or Facebook 2 Pears Pottery 


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