Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally finished those tea pots...

Ohhh, the excitement in the studio....

I finally put my thoughts about new glazes onto the teapots, my thoughts being I wanted to give them a surface with more depth and the illusion of a little age. Using commercial 05 glazes and a trusty electric kiln doesn't always give me the little happy accidents of gas firing, but it has forced me to experiment with mixing and layering with some good results. Mixing Amaco Amber and Clear (3to1) resulted in a warm cover to the majolica cherries. The same glaze covers the Fat Teapot, underneath is Amaco white and naked clay. I wanted to leave the form be, slightly reminiscent of the leather hard forms I adore. (If I could keep the pieces at that stage forever, I would!)

When the opportunity to salt glaze presents itself again, I think this form will make its way there...

These pots will be part of my February exhibition at Boulevard Gallery in Verona. Opening reception February 5, 6-9. Mark your calenders and meet me there!


  1. sweet looking teapots...that top one just needs a big gassy do-do now!

  2. You're on for that! I'll keep it for the workshop!