Sunday, February 27, 2011

YAY! and few thoughts about process....

I woke this Sunday morning with great anticipation! I fired the honey pots, biscotti jars and butter dishes last night. What's not to anticipate about decadent pieces that revolve around things your dietician insists you should limit??? I don't have a dietician, I am a dairy farmer's daughter. Butter, not margarine or "spread" in any form. Sugar or honey, not "sweetener."Please, honesty in food...but that's a conversation for spoken conversation, not a blog post today... anyway...LOOOOOOK!!

Multitudes of decisions are made in any body of work regardless of the amount of pieces. Teaching full time leaves me with less time than I'd like for the investation of ideas which then leads to a certain amount of pressure to "get it right." In the middle of glazing, ideas are bouncing in my head and a limited number of pots sit on the table. It's like the lottery, how many combinations can be arranged of pattern, motif, and color? (And more importantly, which one will allow me to build a new studio?) Accepting the fact that I'll never know what will work for me until the glaze goes on trumps hesitation. This fresh batch gives me more to consider. Black and white contrast well against the terracotta, but there is something very nice about the amber over white glaze which was done in the last batch. Amber was used over the terracotta this time, but not over the white...lessons learned. For me, this is the catalyst for the next group of pots. A painter friend asked if I ever get "stuck" or run out of ideas. My answer at the time was that in my studio there are always a few pots that don't get glazed and needing to finish them usually propels me into the next kiln load. But today I've realised that it is more than unglazed pots, it is unresolved ideas that continually move me forward.
As I posted early on, I have never made honey pots before. Everything is a learning experience, and there was much to be learned about small forms that hold specific things, but also forms that need to accomodate a utensil. While I worked some of these new issues out, the issue of availability of the sizing of utensils was disappointing. Make the honeypots larger? Continue in the search for smaller, nicer honey sticks? Probably both.
Another issue is my photo "booth." At some point, I will purchase one of those great little pop-up photo tents. For now, I am (adventurously) working with what I have. Just call me "McGyver."


  1. Bravo!!! I love the black/terracotta honey pot...I don't ususally see much in the darker tones from you.

    The cat tower next to the photo booth is humorous...I hope those kitty's stay out of the booth!

    Stephanie Brooks

  2. nice looking new pieces...the honey pots look great ...I like the one in the middle a lot....I agree about the unresolved idea thing...seems I never have a shortage ideas...just a million variations and no time to try them all...I need a residency for a month with nothing else to do but make.

  3. Thanks Stephanie. Nice to hear from you! Hope your year is going well. My kitty now lives at my mothers house with her two other cats. I miss her, but I don't miss the potetial for wreaking havoc in the studio.
    Yeah Kyle, I am biting the bullet and going to Penland for two weeks in June !! I thought I would stretch my brain and take a sculpture class instead- figurative pieces. So excited!!