Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life After Penland...part 2

Finally, a body of work out of the glaze fire! It's been so hot I could've fired them in the back yard. I've added canister sets to my long list of "Pottery pieces you absolutely MUST HAVE in your kitchen." You'll be seeing more of the black and white leaf pattern this fall. The simpler pattern creates contrast to the very busy and "girly" cherry ware.

This serving dish looks deceptively small, in reality it's 12" long and 5" inches deep. Think of all the friends you could feed with this on your table! Think of all the gazpacho, mac n' cheese, fried chicken, or buttermilk biscuits you could fill this with!! Invite me over for dinner and you can test it out on your own table...I'll fill it with something delicious.


  1. Just not right for it to be that hot for that long up north! Hope y'all cool off soon.

    Are pots with decoration on white majolica? just curious :)

  2. great looking new load of pots Christy...I do like the b/w pieces with the leaf...I can say that and know that my masculinity is not in question now...when I liked your more "girly" pieces, did people wonder?