Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Thai Tea Blog

I was invited to watch Farmer Jesse of Frosty Hollow farm in Vandergrift feed his two new goats this morning. Buttercup and Daisy, 2 months old, are new to their digs, but are beginning to be curious about the world outside their pen! Jesse is the son of friends Sheila and Jeff who also farm chickens, rabbits, berries, and not to mention a few snakes.
Here's the official farm office where I purchased my guinea eggs and two other kinds..(hopefully Jesse will respond to this and I can edit in the correct names!) $1.50 for a dozen happy homegrown eggs! I recommend them, after the picture below was taken I ate the two on the left for lunch with Sheila's dill. I didn't even need to make up a dressing, just a little salt and they were gone.

A visit that started as watching the goats bottle feed turned into coffee on the new deck and lots of good conversation with the family and a bounty of dill, not to mention an avocado, a cook book and some summer reading.
From the happy, pastured hens of Frosty Hollow Farms, Vandergrift, Pa. I saw them, they are happy!! So now the morning is but a fond memory, it's off to the studio for me...lots of pots calling my name. I'll grab my Thai tea and go...

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  1. Hey Christy, Made my way over here from Kyle Houser's blog. Great pots. I'll be checking in often. Best, Ron