Monday, January 17, 2011

Vegetarian Cannibalism?

Yesterday's favorite child, today's afternoon galette. Ahhh, pretty pears, pretty pastry with rosemary on top. While the galette was baking, the stems were being added and the first layer of underglazes was applied. I made two groupings, one with buttons, one without. By the end of the week they'll be dry enough to fire, after which the next layer of color will be rubbed into the surface highlighting the textures.

Remember "Little House on the Prairie" when Laura would climb in bed with her bed cap? I couldn't put these girls to bed without their "caps".


  1. They all look amazing...and delicious!!!

  2. Wow, the pears are looking great.

  3. enjoying watching the evolution of these big fruits...imagining them with lotsa decals...;0)